Buddha’s non-thinking

[Buddha said:] In the transparent lucidity of the original nature of thought in the perfect purity of its original nature no genesis of a thought takes place. Where there is an objective support, there the foolish common people produce a thought.

The bodhisattva, however, wisely considers the objective support, as well as the genesis of thought, and asks himself wherefrom the thought is produced. Bearing in mind that “this thought is translucent in its original nature”, he thinks to himself, “this thought is being produced conditioned by an objective support”.

Once he has comprehended the function of the objective support, he does not produce a thought or stop it. And so that thought of his becomes translucent, undefiled, beautiful, perfectly pure. Established in nonproduction that thought does not produce or stop any dharma.

This is of the bodhisattva, who courses in the perfection of wisdom, the comprehension of the non-production of thought.

(Conze, Edward: The short Prajnaparamita Texts. London 1973, p. 53-54)

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